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After your PC is updated and installed with the latest Windows, you will probably need a bit of Windows Vista support to operate it properly. One of the many benefits of using Windows Vista is that it comes with a free version of Windows called GlassWire. This tool comes with several additional features, and if you are running a popular piece of Windows Vista PC add-on software, such as Internet Explorer, you will find that it will be there for you. Although it may not be free, it is completely free to download and use. As long as you do not run any spyware on your computer or download an unknown application, the free version of GlassWire should run smoothly and even run multiple programs at once.

As mentioned, you can download GlassWire software and then run it, but you can also use it to view your Windows XP shortcuts. To do this, you must first turn off any toolbar that comes with Internet Explorer, as this will prevent the Windows Vista program from viewing the folder of your shortcuts. Then, download the Windows Vista edition of GlassWire and install it. You should then let it create all the shortcuts that you want to be included in your list. You can then click on them all at once, or you can select a single shortcut from the list.

In the future, you can easily download the free version to keep GlassWire running for you. GlassWire is available to download from several sources, such as Microsoft, Softonic, and ZDNet. If you choose to download it through Microsoft, you can download the latest Windows Vista edition free of charge. Of course, you will still need to purchase a license to keep the free version active.

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